Saturday, August 20, 2016

On sacrament II

Last week we covered the ETB lesson on sacrament. It starts with this story:

Howard W. Hunter was raised by an active Latter-day Saint mother and a good father who was not then affiliated with any church. His father did not object to the family’s participation in the Church—he even attended sacrament meetings with them occasionally—but he did not want his children to be baptized when they were 8 years old. He felt that they should not make that decision until they were older. When Howard turned 12, he could not receive the Aaronic Priesthood and be ordained a deacon because he had not been baptized. Even though he was able to participate with the young men in other activities, Howard was deeply disappointed that he could not pass the sacrament with them.

“I sat in sacrament meetings with the other boys,” he recalled. “When it was time for them to pass the sacrament, I would slump down in my seat. I felt so left out. I wanted to pass the sacrament, but couldn’t because I had not been baptized.”

As I read this, I was struck with the thought that this must be how some young women feel. Surely we can figure out a way to help our daughters more fully participate in the ordinances of the gospel.

Monday, August 15, 2016

On sacrament

Yesterday my family was out of town so rather than sit next to the aisle at church, saving an entire pew for my crazy clan, I move all the way in and sat against the wall. It's the spot my 12 year old and 14 year old usually fight over as it is best for leaning against should you need a nap (each week).

By the time the sacrament started, no one had joined me in my pew. I thought about sliding back to center to make it easier for the young men passing the sacrament to get to me. But I was comfortable and didn't feel like moving. So I stayed put.

As the young man assigned to my quadrant of the chapel walked down my aisle, he almost passed me before noticing that I had blended in somewhat with the wall. I watched him take a deep breath, course correct, and the begin to make his way towards me. (We have long pews. It was a long walk.)

As he made his way to me I had the distinct impression that this is how it works. No matter how far away from the Lord I get, He will bring himself an offering to me. He will find me and offer himself up to me.

I know the scriptures say, "Draw near unto me, and I will draw near unto you," and I believe it's true. We should seek him. But I also believe that the Lord has on occasion drawn near unto me even though I have desperately tried to remain immovable in relation to Him.

And for this, I give thanks.